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Misson & Vision


Misson & Vision

Gandhi Faiz-e-Aam College, Shahjahanpur is a premier seat of learning in the Rohilkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. It was founded in 1947 by Khan Bahadur Fazlur Rahman Khan alias Chote Khan, who during pre-independence era realized the economic and educational backwardness of his community could not be overcome unless academic, cultural and religious education of its youth is not improved. The College was established at a juncture when the Country was facing the problem of partition and the entire Country was in shambles. However, all this did not deter him and he succeeded in establishing the Institution in July, 1947 just a month prior to the partition of the Country.

The major aim of establishing this Institution was to arrest the rapid economic and socio-cultural decline of the community and to arm it with the modern education along with its traditional culture. The objective was to combine the best element of the culture of the orient with the Science and new vistas of knowledge developed in occident. He presided over it, till his death, with loving care and benevolent supervision College gradually achieved the cherished goals set by him. The succeeding Presidents worked relentlessly for the development of the College into a multidimensional co-educational seat of learning.

For sometimes in past the College was suffering a sort of stagnation in development and new ideas were not emerging. But fortunately we got another luminary Alhaj Mohammad Jamiluddin Khan Sahib, who had been serving the College for more than fifty years gracing various posts of Managing Committee, took over as President, Managing Committee. As a matter of fact, no account of history of College progress can be completed without the mention the role & contribution of Alhaj Mohammad Jamiluddin Khan Sahib. He was the man of great poise and took every adversity in its stride with a smile on his face. Simplicity was the hallmark of his personality. He led an austere and disciplined life. All through his life he used to wake up before dawn and started his day by bowing before the Almighty. He ate simple food and led a simple life sleeping on a plain cot. He dedicated himself to the cause of education. G. F. College was especially very close to his heart and through his keen and untiring efforts a chain of new courses was started during his tenure. At present by the grace of Almighty God and sincere efforts of late Haji Sahib the College has not only grown in size but has also earned great reputation far and wide. A splendid and unique Haji Jamiluddin Khan- Fazlur Rahman Khan Study Centre with a separate library, auditorium and a variety of facilities for research scholars of Humanities, Social Sciences and Oriental Languages is the latest achievement of late Haji Sahib. At present the Managing Committee is headed by Janab Syed Moinuddin Miyan Sahib who is carrying forward the legacies of his predecessors, and is leaving no stone unturned for overall development of the college.

The College aims at fostering the spirit of nationalism, tolerance and brotherhood among its various communities. The admission in College is open to all irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

We have rich resources, high traditions, vast experience of fruitful work and a cultural heritage too. We, therefore, hope and pray that Almighty will lead us towards our goals and will help us if there is any faltering, stumbling or going astray on our part.

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